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All 2012 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

9780985191818 - Winter Nova by Preston Morgan, ArchMillennium
9780983832027 - The Goddess of Dance by Anna Kashina, Dragonwell Publishing
9780990629146 - The Dagger of Adendigaeth by Melissa McPhail, Five Strands Publishing
9781477562321 - Benajah's Keeper by Aeryn Dougan, CreateSpace
9781475019520 - Fall From Grace by Carrie F. Shepherd, CreateSpace
9780985036102 - Feathered by Tom Weston, tom weston media
9781897492529 - Hapax by K.T. Bryski, Dragon Moon Press
9781479295692 - Living with Your Past Selves by Bill Hiatt, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
9780986023507 - Once upon a Time by Natalie Paige Bentley, NPB Entertainment Group
9780982371404 - Other Oceans by Andrea Jones and Erik Hollander (contributor), Reginetta Press
9781897492536 - Scimitar War by Chris A. Jackson, Dragon Moon Press
9780615742946 - Shadow of the Sun by Merrie P. Wycoff, Rosa Mystica Publishing
9781603819015 - The Judas Line by Mark Everett Stone, Camel Press
9780978939359 - The Lesser Evil by E. A. Rappaport, Owl King Publishing
9781602827417 - The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann Wright, Bold Strokes Books
Gay & Lesbian
9781608207688 - The Celestial by Barry Brennessel, MLR Press
9781927044346 - The View From a Rusty Train Car by DeeJay Arens, Writers AMuse Me Publishing
9781935766285 - Coming out Can Be Murder by Renee James, Windy City Publishers
9780988414808 - The Fallen Snow by John J Kelley, Stone Cabin Press
9781612940311 - Art On Fire by Hilary Sloin, Bywater Books
9781602826823 - OMG Queer by Radclyffe (editor) and Katherine E. Lynch (editor), Bold Strokes Books
9781475927047 - Peck of Pickled Peppers by I. E. Woodward, iUniverse
9781608206674 - Reunion by Barry Brennessel, MLR Press
9781937293482 - Running in Bed by Jeffrey Sharlach, Two Harbors Press
9781477664179 - Sighs Too Deep For Words by william jack sibley, CreateSpace
9781602827530 - The Raid by Lee Lynch, Bold Strokes Books
9781612940274 - The Raven's Heart by Jesse Blackadder, Bywater Books
9781609071226 - The Rent Collector by Camron Wright, Shadow Mountain Publishing
9780881462715 - A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage by Marly Youmans, Mercer University Press
9780826352040 - Hard to Have Heroes by Buddy Mays, University of New Mexico Press
9781609530709 - The Bird Saviors by William J. Cobb, Unbridled Books
9781597092340 - An Age of Madness by David Maine, Red Hen Press
9781462083138 - Beneath the Rock iUniverse
9781935754138 - Dirty Rice by Gerald Duff, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press
9781934216736 - Evil is Always Human by Eddie Whitlock, United Writers Press
9781616087807 - Excuse Me for Living by Ric Klass, Arcade Publishing
9781937356002 - Helen of Troy by Tess Collins, BearCat Press
9780826352705 - On Top of Spoon Mountain by John Nichols, University of New Mexico Press
9780988414808 - The Fallen Snow by John J Kelley, Stone Cabin Press
9781605424866 - The Holden Age of Hollywood by Phil Brody, Medallion Press
9780826351289 - The Soledad Crucifixion by Nancy Wood, University of New Mexico Press
9781619370272 - The Story of Sassy Sweetwater by Vera Jane Cook, Musa Publishing
9781603811163 - The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka by Cole Alpaugh, Coffeetown Press
9781609530891 - These Things Happen by Richard Kramer, Unbridled Books
9781936198764 - Angle of Declination by Doug Mayfield and Sally Mayfield, Two Harbors Press
9780615602547 - The Chronicles of Iona by Paula de Fougerolles, Careswell Press
9781481066280 - The Bastard by Mark Canter, Createspace
9780986896118 - Brock's Railroad by Tom Taylor, Hancock and Dean
9781594392535 - Chojun by Goran Powell, YMAA Publication Center
9781604891003 - For You, Madam Lenin by Kat Meads, Livingston Press
9781770978577 - Jenny's Way by Diana K. Perkins and Blanche Boucher (editor), Friesen Press
9781936401550 - Leeches and Liberty by Richard H. Kennedy, Two Harbors Press
9781589797710 - Stalin's Barber by Paul M Levitt, Taylor Trade Publishing
9780966974102 - The Ballad of Billy Lee by Len Lamensdorf, SeaScape Press
9781936274376 - The Gemini Agenda by Michael McMenamin and Patrick McMenamin, Enigma Books
9780937548745 - The Last Newspaper Man by Mark Di Ionno, Plexus Publishing
9780984783625 - The Price of Peace by James B. Johnston, Celtic Cat Publishing
9780985278755 - The Raven's Seal by Andrei Baltakmens, Top Five Books
9780982719367 - One Blood by Qwantu Amaru, Stephanie Casher (editor), and Cathi Stevenson (designer), The Pantheon Collective (TPC Books)
9781894063944 - Vampyric Variations by Nancy Kilpatrick, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
9780985006648 - Oddities & Entities by Roland Allnach, All Things That Matter Press
9781479152438 - Chiral Mad by Michael Bailey (editor), Gord Rollo (contributor), Gary McMahon (contributor), Gary A. Braunbeck (contributor), Gene O'Neill (contributor), Meghan Arcuri (contributor), Jeff Strand (contributor), Jack Ketchum (contributor), Christian A. Larsen (contributor), and Eric J. Guignard (contributor), Written Backwards
9781602826533 - Words to Die By by William Holden, Bold Strokes Books
9781602260108 - Glorybound by Jessie Van Eerden, WordFarm
9780984578221 - Frottage and Even as We Speak by Mona Houghton, What Books Press
9781616951887 - That's Not a Feeling by Dan Josefson, Soho Press
9780985485528 - Total Secession by Adam Connell, Adam Connell
9781475295931 - Grid City Overload by Steven T. Bramble, CreateSpace
9780984107353 - Code of the Forest by Jon Buchan, Joggling Board Press
9781469193595 - Destructive Interference by Martin Skogsbeck, Xlibris
9781937650162 - Hattie by Anna Bozena Bowen, Small Batch Books
9781938126017 - Into This World by Sybil Baker, Engine Books
9780983297055 - Motherless Child by Marianne Langner Zeitlin , Zephyr Press
9780929701967 - Renato the Painter by Eugene Mirabelli, McPherson & Company
9780985129439 - So L.A. by Bridget Hoida, Lettered Press
9780982475263 - The Emancipating Death of a Boring Engineer by Michel Bruneau, CePages Press
9780984651009 - The Six Granddaughters of Cecil Slaughter by Susan Hahn, Fifth Star Press
9781571310910 - Vandal Love by Deni Bechard, Milkweed Editions
9780984225279 - Malena by Edgardo David Holzman, Nortia Press
9781466338104 - Across the Mekong River by Elaine Russell, CreateSpace
9780975588161 - An Apricot Year by Martha Egan, Papalote Press
9780615742946 - Shadow of the Sun by Merrie P. Wycoff, Rosa Mystica Publishing
9780982998700 - In the Himalayan Nights by Anoop Chandola, Savant Books
9780806142913 - The Block Captain's Daughter by Demetria Martinez, University of Oklahoma Press
9780983941217 - The Golden Door by Tom Milton, Nepperhan Press
9781891885884 - The Iguana Tree by Michel Stone, Hub City Press
9781432784263 - The Orchid Bracelet by Freddie Remza, Outskirts Press
9780615557458 - The Sound of the String by Brad Isham, Starving Stick Publishing
9780985176907 - Vestigios de dicha by Cecilia Velstegui, Libros Publishing
9780984841301 - A Deadly Affection by Cuyler Overholt, Copper Bottom Press
9781579622831 - Dead Anyway by Chris Knopf, The Permanent Press
9780980001754 - Bone Shadows by Christopher Valen, Conquill Press
9781602826571 - Ill Will by J.M. Redmann, Bold Strokes Books
9781478159438 - Anaphylaxis by Alan Wanderer, Anson Publishing Inc.
9780738734156 - Angel with a Bullet by M.C. Grant, Midnight Ink Books
9781478358145 - Cruelest Month by Aaron Stonder, Writers and Editors
9780983193838 - Death at Woods Hole by Frances McNamara, Allium Press of Chicago
9781606191729 - Double Forté by Aaron Paul Lazar and Ardy Scott (illustrator), Twilight Times Books
9781937356200 - Floats the Dark Shadow by Yves Fey, BearCat Press
9781608090617 - Hot Stuff by Don Bruns, Oceanview Publishing
9781478720034 - Oblivia by Debbie Boucher, Outskirts Press
9781433671715 - Lost and Found by Ginny L. Yttrup, B&H Publishing
9781606190203 - Splintered Light by Lee Denning, Twilight Times
9780825425745 - The Sound of Red Returning by Sue Duffy, Kregel Publications
9780615709215 - Waverly's Universe by Jim Trainor, UpNorth Press
9781433676970 - A Plain Death by Amanda Flower, B&H Publishing
9780964422810 - Armageddon and the 4th Timeline by Don Mardak, Grand Circle Publications
9781449739003 - Healing River by William Delia, Westbow Press
9780985834012 - Meet Those who Met the Master by Wendell Mettey and Larry Keller (illustrator), The Least of These Publishing
9780825442384 - Proof by Jordyn Redwood, Kregel Publications
9780985905408 - Soul Purpose by Karen Kendig, KMK Ltd.
9781933455105 - The Gospel of Damascus by Omar Imady, MSI Press
9781599554969 - The Wise Man Returns by Kenny Kemp, Sweet Water Books
9780857212023 - Mortal Fire by C.F. Dunn, Monarch Books
9781937593360 - Broken Wings by Alexandrea Weis, World Castle Publishing
9781602827561 - Crossroads by Radclyffe, Bold Strokes Books
9780985115609 - Sand Dollar by Sebastian Cole, Sebastian Cole
9781477562321 - Benajah's Keeper by Aeryn Dougan, CreateSpace
9781468183610 - Destiny Skye by Nancy Thorne Hinkel, CreateSpace
9780615748399 - Dream Junkies by Alexandra Ares, Ingenius Books, Smart Media New York
9781609089467 - Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson, Shadow Mountain Publishing
9780984093465 - Pink Slips and Glass Slippers by J.P. Hansen, Career Bliss Publications
Science Fiction
9780985552855 - State of Union by Sven Michael Davison, Bedouin Press
9780972600781 - The Samsara Effect by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
9781467972277 - The Water Thief by Nicholas Lamar Soutter, CreateSpace
9781300335610 - Upload by Mark McClelland, Mark McClelland
9781469980287 - Document 512 by Thomas Lopinski, CreateSpace
9781478299691 - God Bless The Dead by Evan Geller, Evan Geller
9781460201749 - Six by Calvin J. Brown, FriesenPress
9781468122114 - The Death of Eve by Shaun Penney, CreateSpace
9781602902527 - The Serpent's Grasp by C. Kevin Thompson, OakTara
9781622220007 - The Webs of Varok by Cary Neeper, Penscript Publishing House
9781894063906 - Wildcatter by Dave Duncan, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Short Stories
9780814336120 - The World of a Few Minutes Ago by Jack Driscoll, Wayne State University Press
9781886157828 - Where I Am Now by Robert Day, BkMk Press
9780820343495 - Love, in Theory by E. J. Levy, University of Georgia
9780889843561 - High-Water Mark by Nicole Dixon, The Porcupine's Quill
9780982991381 - People with Holes by Heather Fowler, Pink Narcissus
9780985458607 - Save Your Own Life by Amy Sage Webb, Woodley Press
9781936747054 - Something in My Eye by Michael Jeffrey Lee, Sarabande Books
9781937356286 - The Art of the Traditional Short Story by Lester Gorn and James N. Frey, BearCat Press
9780980183566 - The Hero of Blind Pig Island by Jimmy Olsen, Hoffman House Press
9780268022310 - The Incurables by Mark Brazaitis, University of Notre Dame Press
9780983208068 - Three Ways of the Saw by Matt Mullins, Atticus Books
9781897492499 - When the Villain Comes Home by Gabrielle Harbowy (editor) and Ed Greenwood (editor), Dragon Moon Press
Thriller & Suspense
9780984893003 - Etiquette for an Apocalypse by Anne Mendel, Brackets Press
9781937110345 - A Prayer for the Devil by Dale Allan , Emerald Book Company
9780972600781 - The Samsara Effect by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
9780738734163 - The Clause by Brian Wiprud, Midnight Ink Books
9781468143270 - A Sorority of Angels by Gus Leodas, CreateSpace
9781608090457 - Collision of Lies by John J. LeBeau, Oceanview Publishing
9781433671647 - Double Blind by Brandilyn Collins, B&H Publishing
9781605425214 - Hook and Shoot Medallion Press
9780985626846 - Mad Dog House by Mark Rubinstein, Thunder Lake Press
9781935142539 - Q: Awakening by G. M. Lawrence and Steve Stone (illustrator), Variance Publishing
9781432788933 - The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott by Michael Oborn, Outskirts Press
9781936274376 - The Gemini Agenda by Michael McMenamin and Patrick McMenamin, Enigma Books
9781558857063 - The Land Grant by Carlos Cisneros, Arte Público Press
9781608090594 - The Rendition by Albert Ashforth, Oceanview Publishing
9781608090433 - White Lies by Jeremy Bates, Oceanview Publishing
9780292743854 - The Plain in Flames by Juan Rulfo, UT Press
9781567030570 - The World Eve Left Us by Boston Teran, High Top
9781938416163 - The Tragedy of Fidel Castro by Joao Cerqueira, River Grove Books
9781105810664 - Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes and Gerald J. Davis (translator), Insignia Publishing
War & Military
9780857212498 - Resurrect by David E. Stevens, Kregel Publications
9780984779918 - The Five O'Clock Follies by Theasa Tuohy, Calliope Press
9780615532059 - But by the Chance of War by Richard C. Lyons, Lylea Creative Resources

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
9780984915507 - The Expedition by Jason Lewis, BilllyFish Books, LLC
9780393079883 - Buried in the Sky by Peter Zuckerman and Amanda Padoan, WW Norton
9780870716836 - Walking Distance by Robert Manning and Martha Manning, Oregon State University Press
9780761155584 - Just Ride by Grant Petersen, Workman Publishing
9780940864894 - Camp-Fires in the Canadian Rockies by William T. Hornaday, John M. Phillips (photographer), and Julie L. Tripp (designer), Boone and Crockett Club
9781909270312 - Jagged Red Line by Nick Williams, Nick Williams
9780979310638 - Skymaster in Tierra del Fuego by Paul Rooy, RoyalAir Press
9780981767406 - The Everyday Space Traveler by Jason Klassi and Buzz Aldrin (contributor), Space Traveler Publishing
9781611170832 - Grit Lit by Brian Carpenter (editor) and Tom Franklin (editor), University of South Carolina Press
9780988185609 - Fundamentally Female by Renee Rongen, Carol McAdoo Rehme (editor), and Annette Wood (designer), Kittleson Creek Press
9780983708117 - No Character Limit by Keren Taylor (editor), WriteGirl Publications
9780984616664 - The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction by Dinty W. Moore (editor), Rose Metal Press
9780984462964 - Love Rise Up by Steve Fellner (editor), Phil E. Young (editor), and Claudia Calson (designer), Benu Press
9781467534635 - The Loft Anthology by Beatrice Lazarus (editor), The Poetry Loft
9780985267209 - Vignettes & Postcards by Erin Byrne (editor) and Anna Pook (editor), Something Other Press
9781615991082 - Writers on the Edge by Diana Raab, Modern History Press
9780615619644 - Sun Sticks and Mud by Bart Kaltenbach, La Sombra Books
9780847837960 - Frank Lloyd Wright: Natural Design, Organic Architecture by Alan Hess and Alan Weintraub (photographer), Rizzoli
9780801039089 - The Space Between by Eric O. Jacobsen, Baker Academic
9780814334249 - Detroit's Historic Places of Worship by Barbara Krueger, Wayne State University Press
9781889269030 - Advanced Timber Framing by Steve Chappell, Fox Maple Press
9781934429747 - Eames by Eames Demetrios, Gloria Fowler (editor), and Steve Crist (editor), AMMO Books
9780875655017 - Fair Park Deco by Jim Parsons, David Bush, and Rileigh Sanders (editor), TCU Press
9780847838455 - Handmade Houses by Richard Olsen , Lucy Goodhart (photographer), and Kodiak Greenwood (photographer), Rizzoli
9780814334836 - Michigan's Historic Railroad Stations by Michael Hodges, Wayne State University Press
9780888645562 - Canadian Folk Art to 1950 by John A. Fleming, Michael J. Rowan, and James A. Chambers (photographer), University of Alberta Press
9781599621135 - Artists in Love by Veronica Kavass, Welcome Books
9780878467815 - The Postcard Age by Benjamin Weiss and Lynda Klich, MFA Publications
9781608871179 - Monkey King by Vincent Zhao, Insight Editions
9780915977789 - Art Interrupted: Advancing American Art and the Politics of Cultural Diplomacy by Dennis Harper, Mark White, and Paul Manoguerra, Georgia Museum of Art
9780847834839 - Audubon's Aviary by Roberta Olson, The New-York Historical Society (contributor), and Marjorie Shelley (contributor), Skira Rizzoli
9781934429433 - Charley Harper's Animal Kingdom by Todd Oldham (editor) and Charley Harper (illustrator), AMMO Books
9781611171006 - Down Bohicket Road by Mary Whyte, University of South Carolina Press
9780764960536 - Edgar Payne by Scott A. Shields and Patricia Trenton, Pomegranate Communications
9781934491362 - Mary Mito by Arden Reed, Fresco Fine Art Publications
9780300184983 - Regarding Warhol by Thomas P. Campbell (contributor), The Metropolitan Museum of Art
9780867131512 - Terpning The Greenwich Workshop Press
9780300179491 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide by Thomas P. Campbell (contributor), The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Autobiography & Memoir
9780976881322 - The Language of Men by Anthony D'Aries, Hudson Whitman / Excelsior College Press
9781597976985 - Born Under an Assumed Name by Sara Mansfield Taber, Potomac Books
9780975561881 - The Watchmaker's Daughter by Sonia Taitz, McWitty Press
9780985415112 - Border Crossings by Charles Novacek, 1021 Press
9781879960879 - A Simple Revolution by Judy Grahn, Aunt Lute Books
9781571313317 - Cures for Hunger by Deni Bechard, Milkweed Editions
9780984921409 - Eyes in the Sea by Robert I. Wicklund, Mariner Publishing
9781938462009 - Hazelet's Journal by George Cheever Hazelet, John Clark (editor), and Douglas Keeney (contributor), Old Stone Press
9780895875839 - Losing My sister by Judy Goldman, John F. Blair
9780615557588 - Lost Decency by Atta Arghandiwal, Seattle Book Company
9780987966407 - Picnic at the Iron Curtain by Susan Viets, Delfryn Publishing and Consulting
9781780992648 - Praise of Motherhood by Phil Jourdan, Zero Books
9780984893713 - Rabbit Hole by David Shurter, Consider It Creative
9780815723820 - Star Spangled Security by Harold Brown, The Brookings Institution
9780896727670 - Transcending Darkness by Estelle Glaser Laughlin, Texas Tech University Press
9780967926865 - Under the North Light by Lawrence Webster, WoodstockArts
9780292719644 - Let the People In by Jan Reid, University of Texas Press
9781603584463 - Lynn Margulis by Dorion Sagan (editor), Chelsea Green Publishing
9781612540412 - Unconquered by J.D. Davis, Brown Books
9781611250084 - A Heart Blown Open by Keith Martin-Smith, Divine Arts Media
9780971945555 - Ancient Wisdom, Modern Master by Lila Ivey, Maha Media
9780826518460 - Anonymous in Their Own Names by Susan Henry, Vanderbilt University Press
9781936597178 - Emir Abd el-Kader by Ahmed Bouyerdene and Gustavo Polit (translator), World Wisdom
9781456880712 - For the Good of the Order by John Watson Milton, Ramsey County Historical Society
9780937548752 - Jacket by John W. Hartmann, Plexus Publishing
9781935166498 - Mr. Chairman by Kay Collett Goss, Parkhurst Brothers
9780871952967 - Robert Wise by Wes D. Gehring, Indiana Historical Society Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
9781848190849 - Mudras of India by Cain Carroll and Revital Carroll, Singing Dragon
9781608871414 - By God's Grace by Sadhvi Saraswati, Mandala Publishing
9781604078787 - The Lakota Way of Strength and Courage by Joseph Marshall III, Sounds True
9780738727400 - 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency by Melissa Alvarez, Llewellyn Worldwide
9780985242503 - A Beautiful Medicine by David Mercier, Still Pond Press
9781604077964 - Belonging Here by Judith Blackstone, PhD, Sounds True
9780996050906 - Dead Man Breathing by Billy Jack McDaniel and A'Leta McDaniel, Billy Jack McDaniel, Inc.
9780985129293 - Embrace of the Daimon by Sandra Lee Dennis and Thomas Moore (contributor), LC Enterprises
9780983242529 - Life Chapters by Galen Stoller, Dream Treader Press
9781478719236 - Secrets to a Creative Mind by David Judd Nutting, Outskirts Press
9781590309025 - The Healing Power of the Breath by Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg, Shambhala
9780985565503 - The Mechanic Meets the Gardener by Susan M. Gallant, Town Landing Press
9781466202993 - Thriving Through Tough Times by Deidre Combs, CreateSpace
9781462041633 - Weightlessness by Ray Rizzo, iUniverse
9781601632319 - Your Ultimate Life Plan by Dr. Jennifer Howard, New Page Books
Business & Economics
9780615586724 - The Rainforest by Victor W. Hwang and Greg Horowitt, Regenwald
9781857885811 - Breakthrough Branding by Catherine Kaputa, Nicholas Brealey Publishing
9781609945329 - The Pause Principle by Kevin Cashman, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
9780814430293 - Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success by Colleen Stanley, AMACOM
9780910965996 - Face2Face by David Lee King, CyberAge Books
9780984712502 - Awakened Leadership by Alan E. Shelton, Red Hatchet Press
9780983302032 - Brainwork by David A. Sousa, Triple Nickle Press
9781457515323 - Don't Buy That Health Insurance by K. Woodfield, Dog Ear Publishing
9781608323968 - It's My Company Too! by Kenneth R. Thompson , Ramon L. Benedetto, Thomas J. Walter , and Molly Meyer, Greenleaf Book Group
9780983879305 - Leading with Honor by Lee Ellis, Freedom Star Media
9781605093109 - Owning Our Future by Marjorie Kelly, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
9781608322787 - Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine, Greenleaf Book Group Press
9781606351178 - Rust Belt Resistance by Perry Bush, Kent State University Press
9781475911787 - Selling To China by Stanley Chao, iUniverse
9781938416026 - Speak More! by National Speakers Association, River Grove Press
9780071797429 - The Entreprenuerial Instinct by Monica Mehta, McGraw Hill
9781849059213 - The Complete Guide to Getting a Job for People with Asperger's Syndrome by Barbara Bissonnette, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
9780761164883 - The Freelancer's Bible by Sarah Horowitz and Toni Sciarra Poynter (contributor), Workman Publishing
9781936048083 - Your Career, Your Way! by Lisa Quast, Career Woman
9780986790034 - 3 off the Tee: Make It Happen by Lorii Myers and Arlene Prunkl (editor), Leda Publishing
9781936303441 - Business from Bed by Joan Friedlander, Demos Health
9780847837939 - 101 Classic Cookbooks by THE FALES LIBRARY, Marion Nestle (contributor), and Judith Jones (contributor), Rizzoli
9781449418298 - Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu and Kenji Miura (photographer), Andrews McMeel Publishing
9781599621142 - Afield by Jesse Griffiths and Jody Horton (photographer), Welcome Books
9780847838400 - Alain Ducasse Nature by Alain Ducasse , Paula Neyrat (contributor), and Christophe Saintagne (contributor), Rizzoli
9780981622262 - Brew Food by Bruce Glassman, Mike Pawlenty (photographer), and Amy Stirnkorb (designer), Chefs Press
9780981622279 - Come Early, Stay Late by Brian Malarkey and Mike Pawlenty (photographer), Chefs Press
9781606351253 - In the Kitchen with Cleveland's Favorite Chefs by Maria Isabella, Kent State University Press
9781579129118 - Jacques Pépin by Jacques Pépin, Black Dog & Leventhal
9780983459484 - Little Flower by Christine Moore, Prospect Park Books
9781608931842 - Pastries by Alison Pray and Tara Smith, Down East Books
9781742701868 - Sweet Paris by Michael Paul , Hardie Grant
9780807145371 - The Delta Queen Cookbook by Cynthia LeJeune Nobles, LSU Press
9781442212909 - The Food and Feasts of Jesus by Douglas Neel and Joel Pugh, Rowman & Littlefield
9780761166030 - The Mom 100 Cookbook Workman
9780976708513 - The New Fast Food: by Jill Nussinow, Vegetarian Connection Press
9781470170431 - Viva La Cucina Italiana by Joe Famularo and Cristopher Laus (contributor), CreateSpace
Crafts & Hobbies
9780761169437 - Star Wars Origami by Chris Alexander and Tom Angleberger (contributor), Workman Publishing
9780804011389 - Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement by Suzi Parron, Swallow Press
9781607055488 - Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman, C & T Publishing
9781438001357 - Tape It and Make It by Richela Fabian Morgan, Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
9780982627020 - Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers by Amy Barickman , Amy Barickman LLC
9781935726180 - Applique & Embroidery Fundamentals by Janice Vaine, Landauer Publishing
9781935726272 - First-Time Beading on Fabric by Liz Kettle, Landauer Publishing
9780962775239 - Pocket Paper Engineer by Carol Barton, Popular Kinetics
9780984639915 - Weekend Watercolor Workshops by Molly Davis, Devenish Press
Ecology & Environment
9781553657927 - Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill, Greystone Books
9781595341303 - The Last Atoll by Pamela Frierson, Trinity University Press
9780983740520 - Niagara Digressions by E.R. Baxter, Starcherone Books
9780967392585 - Damming the Osage by Leland Payton and Crystal Payton, Lens & Pen Press
9780970551153 - Greening Vermont by Elizabeth Courtney and Eric Zencey, Thistle Hill Publications
9780980747508 - Honeycomb Kids by Anna M. Campbell, Cape Able Publishing
9781934429730 - In Wildness Is the Preservation of the World by Henry David Thoreau and Eliot Porter (photographer), AMMO Books
9781603584777 - Nuclear Roulette by Gar Smith, Chelsea Green Publishing
9781600477157 - The Greening of Oz by Robert Fraga, Wasteland
9780979236631 - Born, Not Raised by Susan Madden Lankford and Juvenile artists (illustrator), Humane Exposures Publishing, LLC
9781936764167 - Common Core English Language Arts in a PLC at Work™, Grades K–2 by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, Solution Tree Press
9780807753323 - Professional Capital by Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan, Teachers College Press
9781606130285 - Try Reading Again by DeAnna Horstmeier, Ph.D., Woodbine House
9781612501291 - Collaborative School Improvement by Dr. Trent E. Kaufman and Emily Dolci Grimm, Harvard Education Press
9780691130736 - College by Andrew Delbanco, Princeton University Press
9781936764006 - Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, Grades 3–5 by Matthew R. Larson, Francis (Skip) Fennell, and Timothy D. Kanold (editor), Solution Tree Press
9781452205908 - Dignity for All by Peter DeWitt, Corwin
9781564843159 - Flip Your Classroom by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, ISTE and ASCD
9780985798307 - From Preschool to Grad School by Kim Palacios, Jill Bailin Rembar (editor), and Frank Parker (designer), Luxe Publishing
9780807753583 - Giving Our Children a Fighting Chance by Susan B. Neuman and Donna C. Celano, Teachers College Press
9781935543695 - Global School, The by William Kist, Solution Tree Press
9781935166566 - Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom by Jane Stenson and Sherry Norfolk, Parkhurst Brothers
9780807753507 - We Don't Need Another Hero by Gregory Michie, Teachers College Press
9781571313348 - Things That Are by Amy Leach, Milkweed Editions
9780292737952 - A Thousand Deer by Rick Bass, UT Press
9781936797141 - Swallowing the Sea by Lee Upton, Tupelo
9781579129101 - My Bookstore by Ronald Rice, Black Dog & Leventhal
9782748390001 - Muriel Spark by Linette Arthurton Bruno, PUBLIBOOK
9780761169253 - Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon, Workman Publishing
9781595341419 - Stealing History by Gerald Stern, Trinity University Press
9781450742177 - The Brightest Thing in the World by Matthew Goulish, Green Lantern Press
9780896727380 - The Wineslinger Chronicles by Russell D. Kane, Texas Tech University Press
9781602260115 - Until Everything Is Continuous Again by Jonathan Weinert (editor) and Kevin Prufer (editor), WordFarm
9780889843578 - You Are Here by James Pollock, Porcupine's Quill
Family & Relationships
9781604078275 - Living Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, Sounds True
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